EEB Greenhouse 30 Day Pesticide Application List

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Pesticide Application Summary - 30 Day
Alcohol Swab10
Apply Advance 375A Granular10
Apply Fipronil Gel110
Apply GreenClean to floors [CEM]10
Apply Greenshield to floors with foamer [ALH]20
Apply Pro-tekt to Psilotums [ALH]10
Apply Pro-tekt to Selaginellas [ALH]10
Apply Water (syringe)174
Subdue Maxx fungicide, 7 drops per gallon03
ZeroTol 2.0 on cap mats04

Pest & Beneficial Scouting - 28 Day
Aphidius7     41     
Encarsia released9                    
Feltiella released10                    
Neosieulus fallacis released24                    
Orius     1     1     
Orius released9                    
unidentified parasitoid2                    
unidentified predatory mite          11     
Boisduval Scale               1     
Ceroplastes Scale               1     
Echinothrips4          1     
Powdery Mildew1                    
Slugs               1     
Spider Mite10325     
unspecified Scale1     11     
WF Thrips101112     

Pesticide Application Detail - 30 Day
DateLocationProjectAccession# & NameApplication
2017-04-293200MORSE999993200: Unaccessioned 3200 PlaceholderApply GreenClean to floors [CEM]
2017-04-273310GEN_COLL200300241: Eichhornia crassipesApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-256305ANDERSON200500057: Solanum lidiiApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-256305ANDERSON200500056: Solanum lidiiApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-256305ANDERSON200500055: Solanum lidiiApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-256305ANDERSON200500054: Solanum lidiiApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-246201YUAN201300051: Mimulus lewisii 1801 linersSubdue Maxx fungicide, 7 drops per gallon
2017-04-246202YUAN201700028: Mimulus lewisii 6 inchSubdue Maxx fungicide, 7 drops per gallon
2017-04-223211GEN_COLL201000128: Grammatophyllum speciosumApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-223218DELETE17199300142: Dendrobium x gracillimumApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-223307GEN_COLL198500370: Boehmeria niveaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-223313GEN_COLL199700027: Moringa oleiferaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-213100MORSE999993100: Unaccessioned 3100 PlaceholderApply Greenshield to floors with foamer [ALH]
2017-04-213200MORSE999993200: Unaccessioned 3200 PlaceholderApply Greenshield to floors with foamer [ALH]
2017-04-213211GEN_COLL201000128: Grammatophyllum speciosumApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-161114GEN_COLL199300378: Clappertonia ficifoliaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-161115GEN_COLL198500395: Podranea ricasolianaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-163307GEN_COLL201500027: Averrhoa carambola var HartApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-163307GEN_COLL198500370: Boehmeria niveaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-141317GEN_COLL198500662: Tecoma stansApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-143307GEN_COLL201500027: Averrhoa carambola var HartApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-143307GEN_COLL198500370: Boehmeria niveaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-123307GEN_COLL201500027: Averrhoa carambola var HartAlcohol Swab
2017-04-123307GEN_COLL201500027: Averrhoa carambola var HartApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-066603GEN_COLL201300013: Amborella trichopodaSubdue Maxx fungicide, 7 drops per gallon
2017-04-051300MORSE999991300: Unaccessioned 1300 PlaceholderApply Advance 375A Granular
2017-04-051300MORSE999991300: Unaccessioned 1300 PlaceholderApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-051303GEN_COLL200900098: Clusia orthoneuraApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-051306GEN_COLL198500149: Fittonia verschaffeltiiApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-051307GEN_COLL199500103: Vigna caracallaApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-051314GEN_COLL198500158: Ruellia affinisApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-051317GEN_COLL198500662: Tecoma stansApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-053101GEN_COLL198500935: Psilotum nudumApply Pro-tekt to Psilotums [ALH]
2017-04-053114GEN_COLL199100039: Selaginella willdenoviiApply Pro-tekt to Selaginellas [ALH]
2017-04-046000MORSE999996000: Unaccessioned 6000 PlaceholderZeroTol 2.0 on cap mats
2017-04-046200MORSE999996200: Unaccessioned 6200 PlaceholderZeroTol 2.0 on cap mats
2017-04-046400MORSE999996400: Unaccessioned 6400 PlaceholderZeroTol 2.0 on cap mats
2017-04-046600MORSE999996600: Unaccessioned 6600 PlaceholderZeroTol 2.0 on cap mats
2017-04-031100MORSE999991100: Unaccessioned 1100 PlaceholderApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-031114GEN_COLL199300378: Clappertonia ficifoliaApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-031115GEN_COLL198900052: Lawsonia inermisApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-031118GEN_COLL198500580: Cissus rotundifoliaApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-031304GEN_COLL198500465: Malpighia glabraApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-031317GEN_COLL198500662: Tecoma stansApply Water (syringe)
2017-04-033206GEN_COLL199100477: Myrmecophila tibicinisApply Fipronil Gel
2017-04-033223GEN_COLL200700225: Cattleya trianaeApply Fipronil Gel

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